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Energy Saving Leadership Award 2022 Winners Announced 40 Corporations Jointly Achieved Remarkable Results of Cutting Carbon Emissions by 64.8 Thousand Tons
Date: 2022-12-06
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Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) selects and recognizes corporations and schools committed to energy conservation. The final review meeting of the 2022 "Energy Saving Leadership Award and Energy Education Promotion Award" was held on October 26th, and a total of 40 winners were selected. The winners combined to conserve an estimated 13.1 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalent and saved TWD 302 million, which was equivalent to reducing 64.8 thousand tons of CO2 emissions, achieving remarkable results.

According to the Bureau of Energy (BOE), the 20 businesses and 20 schools were selected from a pool of 82 businesses and 29 elementary and junior high schools after 3 months of preliminary and final reviews. The winners proposed concrete actions and goals of achieving net zero emissions, paying attention to climate change and sustainability issues. Later on, a series of energy-saving demonstrations, seminar activities and workshops will be conducted for the winners to share experience with all sectors.

Through the selection of Energy Saving Leadership Award, the BOE found that the domestic energy management technology had become more mature, and energy users had targeted data for analysis and dynamic energy efficiency management. Through big data analysis, not only did they figure out the operating efficiency of equipment and systems, but also saved significant energy. For instance, L8A of AUO, winner of the gold award, formed a cross-departmental energy-saving team by combining process production, equipment operation and factory affairs departments, developing a smart energy-saving visualization management system. By utilizing big data analysis, L8A of AUO introduced a number of precision AI energy-saving measures, which were expanded into a safety net of energy consumption projection that enabled precise control and immediate improvement. In the past three years, the team managed to save electricity by 6.4%, reduce costs of production by 15%, and increased overall production by 30%.

Based on the energy consumption experience in old facilities, BKD biotechnology food Co., a gold award-winning SME, applied multiple energy saving designs to the construction of its new factory, such as introduction of natural light into the storage area on the top floor, automated ventilation of hot air through the chimney effect, and reduction of power demand in cold rooms. The power equipment adopted high-efficiency IE3 motors to improve the electricity efficiency. Moreover, a refrigerated buffer zone is designed to reduce the loss of cool air at the loading dock, ensuring the quality of food and reducing energy consumption; BKD biotechnology food Co. set an example for energy saving in the food industry.

Moreover, Changhua Christian Hospital continued to carry out energy saving measures during the pandemic. Aside from fully introducing the ISO 50001 energy management system, the hospital also adopted ESCO project to save energy, replacing old fixed-frequency spiral water chiller with magnetic levitation variable-frequency centrifugal. Modifying the circuit of water chiller and adding new chiller dedicated to the operating room have effectively reduced the power consumption and improved the stability of the air conditioning system. By building an energy-saving and comfortable medical environment, the hospital was recognized with the gold award. In the near future, through learning and sharing, more medical institutions are expected to follow suit.

In the field of energy education, the award-winning schools in each district had their own characteristics. New Taipei City Municipal PuQian Elementary School is committed to creating a "heat removal and cooling campus", integrating energy education programs and teaching materials to gradually nurture energy literacy. Taichung Municipal Yongan Primary School strengthened teachers' professional knowledge, incubated energy seed teachers, developed diverse teaching activities, and led schools in remote areas, including Waipu District, Qingshui District, Wuqi District, Longjing District and Dadu District, etc., to jointly expand the benefits and influences of energy education. Yangming Elementary School in Kaohsiung City had long promoted construction of low-carbon campus, and included energy technology as its school-based courses to develop energy education-integrated courses and train little energy docents, fully demonstrating the belief of promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction; Yilan County Sanxing Elementary School fought for external resources and renovated scrapped buses into "Green Energy Action Classrooms" to showcase the concept of renewable  energy and image of energy saving, touring around the county for promotion of energy education.

The BOE further explained that the spirit of the Energy Saving Leadership Award was to pass on the technological paradigm. Later, adhering to the value-added and sharing spirit, the successful experiences of the award winners will be shared through demonstrations for interested businesses to learn from and implement energy-saving measures, accelerating all sectors' implementation of energy-saving actions and helping to lay a sound foundation for the 2050 target of net-zero transformation.

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