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Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.


Energy Statistical Quarterly Reports

Last Updated Date: A2021-03-15 Energy Indicators TOP
Open Energy Economic Indicators (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Economic Indicators (PDF File) Open Energy Economic Indicators (Excel File)  Energy Economic Indicators Open Energy Security Indicators (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Security Indicators (PDF File) Open Energy Security Indicators (Excel File)  Energy Security Indicators
Open Energy Productivity & Intensity (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Productivity & Intensity (PDF File) Open Energy Productivity & Intensity (Excel File)  Energy Productivity & Intensity Open Energy Productivity by Sector (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Productivity by Sector (PDF File) Open Energy Productivity by Sector (Excel File)  Energy Productivity by Sector
Open Energy Elasticity (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Elasticity (PDF File) Open Energy Elasticity (Excel File)  Energy Elasticity

Last Updated Date: B2021-03-15 Energy Supply TOP
Open Energy Supply (by Energy Form) (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Supply (by Energy Form) (PDF File) Open Energy Supply (by Energy Form) (Excel File)  Energy Supply (by Energy Form) Open Energy Supply (by Indigenous & Imported) (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Supply (by Indigenous & Imported) (PDF File) Open Energy Supply (by Indigenous & Imported) (Excel File)  Energy Supply (by Indigenous & Imported)

Last Updated Date: C2021-03-15 Energy Demand TOP
Open Energy Demand (OpenDocument File)  Open Energy Demand (PDF File) Open Energy Demand (Excel File)  Energy Demand Open Total Domestic Consumption (by Energy Form) (OpenDocument File)  Open Total Domestic Consumption (by Energy Form) (PDF File) Open Total Domestic Consumption (by Energy Form) (Excel File)  Total Domestic Consumption (by Energy Form)
Open Total Domestic Consumption (by Sector) (OpenDocument File)  Open Total Domestic Consumption (by Sector) (PDF File) Open Total Domestic Consumption (by Sector) (Excel File)  Total Domestic Consumption (by Sector)

Last Updated Date: D2021-03-15 Energy Price TOP
Open Cost of Energy by Heat Content (OpenDocument File)  Open Cost of Energy by Heat Content (PDF File) Open Cost of Energy by Heat Content (Excel File)  Cost of Energy by Heat Content Open Changes in Domestic Energy Price (OpenDocument File)  Open Changes in Domestic Energy Price (PDF File) Open Changes in Domestic Energy Price (Excel File)  Changes in Domestic Energy Price
Open Domestic Energy Price Indexes (OpenDocument File)  Open Domestic Energy Price Indexes (PDF File) Open Domestic Energy Price Indexes (Excel File)  Domestic Energy Price Indexes

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