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2021 Vehicle Fuel Economy Guide and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Ranking Released
Date: 2022-05-19
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With rising environmental awareness in recent years, people are focusing on "energy efficiency" performances when purchasing vehicles. The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, has published the "2021 Vehicle Fuel Economy Guide" (information of 2021 vehicle models sold in market and qualified for fuel economy standards), within which, the models FIT A522H1502, CITROEN BERLINGO VAN (XL) and HONDA SUPER CUB C125 were the top performing vehicles in the categories of passenger car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle respectively.

In the evaluation of passenger car, electric-gasoline hybrid model FIT A522H1502 1498c.c. A1 5D introduced by HONDA CORPORATION has the best fuel economy performance of 26.9 km/liter. CITROEN BERLINGO VAN (XL) 1499c.c. M6 5D, a diesel vehicle, introduced by PG UNION CORPORATION is named the best commercial vehicle with a fuel economy of 20.3 km/liter. Fuel efficiency of motorcycles is measured by the "Fuel Economy Test Method for Motorcycles," and HONDA SUPER CUB C125 123.9c.c. M4 introduced by SHENG DA MOTORS CO., LTD is the best performing motorcycle at 80.5 km/liter (Appendix I).

The Bureau of Energy (BOE) emphasizes that the published values of energy efficiency in the fuel economy guide were tested under specific conditions in the testing labs. When driving on the real road, the values will be affected by the conditions of climate, road, traffic, AC usage and driving habits; hence the actual number of kilometers traveled on the road per liter's fuel should be lower than the published value in the guide.

Responding to the 2050 national net-zero emission plan and encouraging purchases of electric vehicles to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, the guide also collects the energy efficiency information of tested and certified electric vehicles for people to reference when purchasing vehicles (refer to the "Energy Efficiency Labelling of Electric Vehicles" page). The BOE also emphasizes that it is important to purchase energy-efficient or fuel-saving vehicles; moreover, proper driving habits and regularly vehicle maintenance and repair are also crucial. Reducing the load of the vehicle, smooth acceleration and deceleration, maintaining proper tire pressure and avoiding long idling are some good driving habits.

The Chinese version of the "2021 Vehicle Fuel Economy Guide" has been published on BOE's website (, and all are welcome to download it. If you are seeking a specific vehicle model, please go to the website ( and click on "Interactive Inquiry".

Spokesperson: Deputy Director-General Chun-Li Lee
Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Phone Number: 02-2775-7700
Mobile: 0936-250-838

Business Contact: Director, Shu-Fang Kao
Phone Number: 02-2775-7773
Mobile: 0918-400-668
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2021 Vehicle Fuel Economy Guide and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Ranking Released
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