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Global Economy Recovers in the Post-Pandemic Age Domestic Electricity Consumption Increases by 4.3% in 2021
Date: 2022-04-06
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With consumption demands in major economies around the world rising, commodity prices have gone up, and domestic manufacturers have kept expanding productivity; moreover, domestic epidemic alert has yet to be lifted entirely, and thus the consumption patterns and lifestyles of the public have gradually changed. Compared to 2020, domestic energy consumption increased by 4.5%, and electricity consumption climbed by 4.3% in 2021, leading to a 3.9% increase in electricity supply.

The reasons for changes in domestic energy consumption in 2021 compared to 2020 are listed below:

1.Industrial sector (accounting for 62.4%, including non-energy uses of petrochemical materials): The global demands of semiconductors, reinforced building materials, petrochemicals and plastic products have escalated, causing both the prices and supplies to soar and driving manufactures to expand domestic productivity. Consequently, energy consumption in the industrial sector increased by 8.5%, in which electricity had the greatest increase at 7.1%.

2.Transportation sector (accounting for 14.4%): To control and monitor imported cased of COVID-19, and to prevent the spread of domestic cases, the epidemic alert level in Taiwan remained at Level 2, limiting outdoor activities, and lowering the traffic volume. Consequently, fuel consumption in road transportation reduced by 5.4%, which led to a decrease of 5.2% in the energy consumption of the transportation sector.

3.Residential sector (accounting for 7.9%): Since the epidemic prevention regulations have not been lifted entirely, some citizens maintained a lifestyle of working from home, remote communication, and reduced outdoor activities, residential electricity consumption grew by 5.1%, and therefore, the energy consumption of the residential sector increased by 2.6%.

4.Service sector (accounting for 6.4%): Hotels and restaurants continued to be affected by Level 2 alert with limited numbers of business activities, gatherings and dine-in customers. Some hotels and restaurants shortened business hours or voluntarily closed down temporarily. Therefore, electricity consumption in the service sector dropped by 1.3%, and energy consumption decreased by 1.4%.

As for the changes of installed capacity, installed capacity of coal combustion remained the same because no new generators were built; installed capacity of gas combustion increased by 2.9%; installed capacity of renewable energy rose significantly by 20.8%, among which, solar photovoltaic soared by 32.4%, and wind came in second at 10.3%.
In summary, global economy continued to revive and consumption demand rebounded in 2021, the prices of IT products and conventional commodities remained high. Consequently, the industrial sector continued to expand productivity, and the domestic energy consumption increased, driving the growth of energy supply. With international pandemic prevention regulations being lifted, the issues of insufficient workforce and disrupted supply chain are gradually resolved, and are expected to ramp up the competition among domestic manufacturers. Ensuing global industrial activities and domestic epidemic prevention regulations will continue to influence the trend of energy supply and consumption in Taiwan.

All the above-mentioned data are disclosed in the "Energy Statistics Monthly (Dec. 2021)", and the link is provided below.

Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director-General, Chun-Li Lee
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Global Economy Recovers in the Post-Pandemic Age Domestic Electricity Consumption Increases by 4.3% in 2021
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