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Energy Conservation Elites Net-Zero Vanguards MOEA Recognizes 35 Winners of Energy Saving Leadership Award
Date: 2022-02-08
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To honor the winners of the Energy Saving Leadership Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held the award ceremony at NTUH International Convention Center on December 8th, 2021. Ms. Yi-Ling Chen, Chief Secretary of MOEA, presented the awards to a total of 35 winners, including 23 corporations, government agencies, and institutes, as well as 12 public elementary and junior high schools that are committed to energy conservation.

In response to the international trend of net zero promotion, this year's winners put strong emphasis on the issues of climate change and sustainability, launching a total of 450 energy-saving measures. Through  energy management system optimization, renewable energy development, waste heat recovery and reutilization, and circular economy, the winners gradually embarked on the net-zero transition. It is estimated that the 2021 winners combined to conserve 39.4 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalence and reduce 173 thousand tons of carbon emissions (equivalent to 445 Daan Forest Parks' annual amount of carbon absorption), achieving brilliant results.

Bureau of Energy (BOE) stated that among the 23 winners, 6 companies were recognized with the gold medal.
1.Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) Hoping Plant: by optimizing the manufacturing process of cement and installing energy management system, TCC Hoping Plant increased energy efficiency, saving 7.83% of power in 2020, as well as TWD 112.35 million in cost.
2.Taichung Distillery: Adopted oil free compressor and variable-frequency water chiller to phase out the obsolete set, and installed PV for self-consumption. In response to the needs of epidemic prevention, the distillery had to increase the production of alcohol, but still achieved energy saving rate of 6.1%.
3.Tatung Company (Da Yuan): optimized the system of insulation on the drying oven door to enhance air tightness, and adopted energy-efficient VFD motor, quadrupling the production.
4.Fourways Dairy Factory: with the philosophy of "achieving symbiosis with the environment," the factory strives to build a farm of circular economy. Through comprehensive measures of energy saving, energy creation, energy storage, energy management, and carbon reduction, the factory installed solar PV and introduced energy management system and energy diagnosis to optimize the scheduling for refrigeration.
5.Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: adopted energy-efficient water-cooled chiller and monitoring system to achieve the most optimal operation, saving 40% of energy consumption. The boiler fuel was replaced by clean energy, reducing carbon emission by 43%.
6.The National Science and Technology Museum: adopted energy-efficient water-cooled chiller and established green data center. Managed energy consumption dynamically through energy management system, the museum conserves energy by an average of 4.62% annually.

As for school energy education, 12 public elementary and junior high schools were recognized. Taipei Municipal Xing-Ya Primary School nurtured "Little Energy Vanguards" using explorative teaching materials on solar power, to investigate household electricity consumption. Nantou's Qiao Guang Elementary School enhanced expertise in energy education, and combined programming and LED laser sculpture to develop "energy intelligent teaching aids," applying energy-saving technology to teaching.

Moreover, Tainan Municipal Bo-ai Elementary School replaced old hardware with energy-saving facilities, and designed energy board game, successfully creating an energy-saving atmosphere on campus and achieved energy conservation of 3.1%. The Experimental Primary School of National Dong Hwa University integrated regional resources to create the "Hualien County Walking Map of Electricity" that triggered the students' interest in energy, and led neighboring schools to develop and promote features of local energy education.

Lastly, BOE stressed that, to continually promote the outstanding energy saving experiences, the bureau will cooperate with the winners to hold workshops in 2022. E-book with all previous winners' remarkable cases will continue to be updated on the Energy Park website (

Spokesperson: Deputy Director-General Lee Chun-Li, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Phone Number: 02-2775-7700
Mobile: 0936-250-838

Business Contact: Director, Shu-Fang Kao
Phone Number: 02-2775-7773
Mobile: 0918-400-668
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