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MOEA Announces Official Launch of Phase 3 Offshore Wind Zonal Development
Date: 2021-09-13
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MOEA released the "Directions of Application for Offshore Wind Zonal Development" on July 23rd this year, which specifies the qualifications, the rules of site selection, and the required documents for application. Also, sensitive areas have been disclosed as a reference for site selection. The announcement officially launched the Phase 3 Zonal Development of Offshore Wind, and BOE will start to review applications according to the Directions.

MOEA explained that, referencing past experience, MOEA hoped to inform the developers of the unsuitable areas other than the restricted zones, and has identified the sensitive areas through inter-ministerial communication before the announcement of the directions, including the Northern sea fishery areas and the North-South navigation channel, providing clear references for the developers to plan their sites, and avoid investing in the sensitive sea areas as early as possible. Relevant details have been published in the Executive Yuan Gazette on July 23rd, and are available online for those interested offshore wind developers.

Moreover, to effectively streamline the administrative procedures to assist the developers in speeding up their preparatory work, MOEA has established a joint review mechanism across ministries to reduce the time required for  correspondences between the competent ministries and councils. MOEA will invite all relevant authorities of aviation, radar, military control, construction ban, ship safety, aquatic plant and animal breeding and conservation areas, fishery rights and mining rights, to jointly review the applications of the developers in one single meeting. After parallel confirmation of compliance with the regulations of various ministries, the applications will be reviewed and forwarded to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Executive Yuan for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Since the opinions of various ministries and committees have been fully expressed and confirmed in the joint review process, the EIA process can focus on environmental and ecological issues, thus effectively speeding up the review process and shortening the time for obtaining permits.

MOEA has announced the officially launch of the Phase 3 Offshore Wind Zonal Development in Taiwan, and has improved the application process based on past experience. MOEA will adhere to the established energy policy to fully promote offshore wind power in order to support the development of green electricity demand and local industry supply chain, and realize the vision of Taiwan's environmental sustainability.

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