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The Third UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue: A new chapter of collaboration on renewable energy.
Date: 2021-08-24
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The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the British Office Taipei co-hosted "The Third UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue" online on July 6th, 2021. At the meeting, the participants focused on and actively discussed topics of carbon reduction policy and offshore wind power promotion policy. Moreover, both sides reached consensus on initiating a research project of pathways to net zero for Taiwan's energy sector, as well as co-hosting a series of energy innovation workshops. At the end of the meeting, an MoU was signed between Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (ORE Catapult) on offshore wind innovation project and information exchange, which forged a new chapter of the cooperation on renewable energy between Taiwan and the UK.

The Dialogue was co-chaired by Cheng-Wei Yu, Director General of Bureau of Energy, MOEA and Julie Scott, Head of Energy Diplomacy of Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Representatives from the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Maritime Port Bureau (MPB), Taipei Representative Office in the UK, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Research Institute, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, BEIS, UK Department for International Trade (DIT), Innovate UK, British Office Taipei, and ORE Catapult attended the meeting.

"As a member of global community, Taiwan has set concrete energy transition targets and implemented a series of plans and policies in response to global climate action. The key targets of our energy transition are to increase renewable energy to 20% by the year 2025 and achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050," said Cheng-Wei Yu, Director General of Bureau of Energy. "To achieve these targets, one of our important policies is to develop offshore wind power. Taiwan and the UK can continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation on relevant policies and technology, which will generate more mutually benefiting outcomes."

"I am glad to have this opportunity to co-chair the Third UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue with Director-General Yu, and welcome the agreement to deepen our collaboration," said Julie Scott, Head of Energy Diplomacy of BEIS. "I am also glad to hear about Taiwan's ambitious approach to achieving emissions reductions. By working closely, sharing experience and expertise, we can better identify the right mix of policy solutions and new technologies to drive the zero-carbon energy transition."

According to Andrew Pittam, Deputy Representative of the British Office Taipei, "Around 30 UK businesses have set up their offices in Taiwan to support the development of Taiwan's offshore wind sector, as it rightly aims to become a hub in the region. It is clear from the dialogue and the signing of the MoU between Taiwan's ITRI and the UK's ORE Catapult that there is a real appetite on both sides to deepen this collaboration via further research and innovation in the coming months."

British economist Aaron Tam shared preliminary modelling results from Taiwan's 2050 Pathways to Net Zero research, a joint project between British Office Taipei and Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration in the "Carbon Reduction Policy" session, and also pointed out that the low-carbonization and transformation of Taiwan's power sector would be one of the most critical pathways to net zero emissions. There are quite a few areas of innovation in which the UK and Taiwan can work together in the future, such as offshore wind, CCS, low carbon manufacturing, and biomass energy.

Jen-Yi Hou, Director of Research Division IV, Taiwan Research Institute, shared Taiwan's recent actions in response to the global net zero emission initiative. Since President Tsai's announcement of Taiwan's 2050 net zero carbon transition plans, the government of Taiwan has begun to evaluate and plan feasible paths for the transition, in which carbon reduction in the energy sector will be the priority. Taiwan will strive to expand the deployment of renewable energy and actively develop new technologies such as the CCUS.

Chung-Hsien Chen, Director of Energy Technology Division, Bureau of Energy, shared on "Offshore Wind Promotion Policy in Taiwan" and pointed out that Taiwan is currently promoting the phase 3 Zonal Development. A capacity of 1.5 GW will be released annually from 2026 to 2035, reaching a total of 15 GW, to satisfy market demand. Based on what have been established on the selected sites in phase 2, the phase 3 policy will facilitate the sustainable development of offshore wind power and industry in Taiwan.

David Mcintosh, Head of Offshore Wind and Tidal, and Bruce Clements, Offshore Wind Specialist from Department for International Trade, shared on how the UK encouraged government-industry collaborations through the UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal. They also shared UK government's experiences in incorporating port development policy into its energy policy, and in revising relevant subsidy mechanisms. Sufficient funding and government coordination for the improvement of port infrastructures have also been planned in accordance with "The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution".

ITRI and ORE Catapult signed the MoU on "Offshore Wind Industrial Technology Cooperation and Informational Exchange." The signing ceremony was witnessed by Cheng-Wei Yu, Julie Scott, John Dennis (Representative of British Office Taipei) and Edwin Liu (President of ITRI), which punctuated a perfect ending for the meeting.

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