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An emerging Green-Gold cluster settles in southern Taiwan Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City is opened
Date: 2020-02-17
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Under the supervision of Vice President of Taiwan Chen Chien-jen the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City was inaugurated, which combines nature, humanities, and technology. The opening of "Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site" was officially announced today (12/16). This also represents that the development of Green Energy Technology in southern Taiwan has achieved a significant milestone.

Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City holds an important position to transform Tainan as a vital new-generation technology town in Taiwan and further upgrade Taiwan as a high-tech R&D center in Asia. In association with 30 science parks and industrial zones within a radius of 45 kilometers, a green energy ecosystem will be formed to settle a "Green-Gold" cluster in Taiwan.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen said that the government keeps vigorously promoting the 5+2 industry innovation project, of which "green energy technology" is a critical project related to energy transformation in Taiwan, including wind power, solar photovoltaic and the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City.

Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City is a large-scale project involved with inter-organizational cooperation. After more than two years of hard work, it can now be unfolded before everyone's eyes and expected to make contributions to advance the development of green energy technologies and industries such as solar photovoltaic, wind power, energy saving, green buildings, and smart grids in the near future. Furthermore, it will gradually attract smart services, emerging and innovative industries to join in.

Chen Chi-mai, Vice Premier of Executive Yuan, said that the newly opened "Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site" and "Green Energy Technology Joint Research Center" which is still under construction, operated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Both are located in the core area of the Science City. This not only strengthens the collaborative R&D related industries, academic and research, but also gives the R&D results a space for verification and achieving the goal of utilizing innovative technology to boost the industry's development as well as driving the energy's R&D through the industrial demand.

In addition, the Science City has set a record of gathering the three major domestic research institutions altogether, Academia Sinica, National Applied Research Laboratories and Industrial Technology Research Institute. This is expected to attract a large number of researchers to advance green energy technology to shape the "smart green" as an emerging industry and to increase economic prosperity in Taiwan.

The Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tseng Wen-Sheng, shared that the most critical task of Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City is to build a smart ecological city and flourish it as a green energy settlement. Among all constructions, "A Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site" conducted by Ministry of Economic Affairs accelerates the industrialization of the green energy technology. From the commencement date in last March to today 12/16, the completion date, it took only 20 months to finish the infrastructure construction and be ready for entering.

"A Green Energy Science Technology Joint Research Center" is planned and conducted by Ministry of Science and Technology. With the main tasks establishing green energy R&D platform and introducing academics and legal entities, the operations is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2020. In addition to the aforementioned demonstration site and research center, the Science City consists of Taiwan Smart Driving Test Lab, Tainan Convention and Exhibition Center, Taisugar's circular village and Mitsui Outlet Park, furthermore the construction of Mitsui Outlet Park will commence at the end of 2019 and be scheduled to open in 2022.

Tainan City Mayor, Huang Wei-che, said that the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City not only follows the all nation policy and local regulations, but it also plays a vital role of transforming the economic position in Tainan. Moreover, Tainan City Government cooperated with Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City establishing a 99-hectare Green Energy Park on its west side and it is estimated to be completed within 3 years. In the future, this Green Energy Park will be a manufacturing base and expected to add to the prosperity of local communities with providing plenty of job opportunities.

Lee Chih-Kung, Chairman of ITRI, stated that the construction of "Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site" is highly related to the development of Taiwan's future smart green energy industry with four major characteristics: it begins with a unique landmark in Southern Taiwan; then, it provides systematic verification and matching resources for green energy industry to facilitate; furthermore, it establishes a comfort and living environment to green energy technology development and demonstration applications; finally, it shapes the industrial cluster of green energy.

In addition, a signing ceremony was held in presence of Vice President Chen Chien-jen and the manufacturers were invited to enter into Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site. Representatives of manufacturers including Jason Lin, chairman of Formosa Plastics Corporation, Fred Yeh, general manager of Motech Solar, Liao Zhe-man, chairman of the second largest few screw compressor manufacturer: Hanbell Precise Machinery Co. Ltd., Frank Liang, sales director of Nasdaq listed Taiwan Solar Edge Technologies and Liu Jin-xi chairman of Dyna Rechi Co., Ltd pledged to establish a trial production line and an identity verification platform in Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site in the near future.

The presence of these green energy-related manufacturers shows the magnetic attraction carried by the site with a big successful result of industrial cooperation, including the promotion of the green-energy-integrated industry, the growing and transforming power of the green energy industry, and foreign direct investments (FDI) outside the Taiwanese territory.

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