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34 Winners Are Committed to Energy Conservation Energy Saving Leadership Award Continues to Carry Forward
Date: 2020-01-16
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The Energy Saving Leadership Award was held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) at NTUH International Convention Center on 9th December 2019. A total of the 34 winners from the corporation, government, and school committed to energy saving were selected. It is estimated that in 2019, all winners have conserved 40.7 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalence, reduced 146 thousand tons emission of carbon dioxide (equivalent to 375 Daan Forest Parks' annual amount of carbon absorbed) which came out with brilliant results.

"Energy Saving Leadership, Carry Forward" is the theme of this year. For the past 26 years, the government sector and the winning corporation have been working together to carry on the predecessors' spirits by passing on the energy saving experience of future generations, and driving the industry to implement energy saving. The award, presented by the Deputy Minister, Mr. Wen-Sheng Tseng, includes 6 gold and 16 silver awards of Energy Saving Leadership Award and 3 gold and 9 silver awards of Energy Education Award.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs states that the award-winning companies promoted a total of 431 energy-saving projects and related measures. Most of them introduced intelligent energy management systems, indicating that the power saving approach is gradually moving toward intelligence, including the application of Big Data management, cloud based technology, and A.I control and system integration. The gold winner United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) 12A P1/P2 Plant directed Industry 4.0 and intelligent energy management system for big data analysis. UMC is a role model in promoting intelligent management by effectively managed energy use through intelligent ice water control system and process system optimization.

Furthermore, the New Taipei City Government also won the gold award. It established the Energy Management Center, which effectively grasps the real-time power consumption information of the government agencies and schools. The platform provides visual information and has a remarkable performance. A solar power generation system was installed on the roof of the Civic Square corridor to activate the idle roof space. The New Taipei City Government implemented green energy policies with practical actions.

To take root in energy basic education, BOE indicated that 12 elementary and junior high schools have committed to promoting energy education this year. ZhongYuan Elementary School of New Taipei City has created a "digital energy learning tunnel" through VR virtual reality APP. WengZi Elementary School of Taichung City actively trained a team to promote energy technology, including teachers and students, and set guide bases with different topics on campus. The whole school works together to promote energy education. YangMing Elementary School of Kaoshiung City set up a team of YangMing Magicians to establish an energy knowledge map as teaching material for science and technology about energy for all students.

BOE indicated on-site demonstrations will be launched in 2020 to share the outstanding winners' experience, mode, and method. E-book with 3,600 cases has been continuously updated on the Energy Park website (https://www.energypark.org.tw/index.php). Welcome to visit the website and adopt energy saving behavior in daily life.

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