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2019 Service Sector Energy Saving Year-End Award Ceremony and Seminar (Energy Saving Pioneer and Creating Sustainable Future) by Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 2019-12-16
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To promote energy saving in the service sector and enhance energy efficiency, the 2019 Service Sector Energy Saving Year-End Award Ceremony and Seminar (Energy Saving Pioneer and Sustainable Future) was held by Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, on Nov. 8th (Fri.) at National Taiwan University Hospital Conference Room 401. During the award ceremony, Mr. Lee Chun-Li, Deputy Director General of Bureau of Energy, awarded 15 enterprises for excellence in voluntary energy saving, 14 enterprises for installing ISO/CNS 50001 Energy Management System, along with recognizing outstanding Energy Diagnostic Centers (EDC) staff for their excellence in service, for a total of three major award recognitions. To witness this proud moment of domestic energy saving achievements, over 200 representatives from various groups such as service sector associations, city/county government agencies, service sector energy users, and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) were invited.

 According to Bureau of Energy, in order to strengthen energy saving effort in the service sector, hands-on and customized energy saving audits were carried out for over 1.2 million energy users, in addition to grants for implementing energy efficiency measures as part of economic incentives, to drive aggressive commitments by energy users to save energy. Furthermore, additional support was given to help users in establishing ISO 50001 Energy Management System, transforming energy saving as a tool for sustainable development while enhancing business competitiveness.      

 The award ceremony recognizes a total of 15 enterprises (as listed in Appendix 1), who have voluntarily implemented energy saving measures for three consecutive years since 2016, with the Award of Excellence in Voluntary Energy Saving. Under the direction of Bureau of Energy and associated partners, educational workshops, technical trainings, and case studies were arranged, such that a total of 15 enterprises spanning oil/power, telecommunication, and finance/insurance industries displayed their determinations by taking real actions in response to energy saving. Starting with enterprise headquarters, energy saving actions are gradually implemented throughout its subsidiaries and branch locations. For the goal of reducing 6~9% electricity consumption annually, the 3-year cumulative saving reached 17% for a total of 23 million kWh.    

 Moreover, under the guidance of Bureau of Energy, for the year 2019 a total of 14 enterprises (including schools, hospitals, financial services, etc. as listed in Appendix 2) voluntarily installed ISO/CNS 50001 Energy Management System. They used the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology to create filing standards and regulations, set energy management goals and proposed 52 action plans. The estimated benefits include reducing nine million kWh of electricity consumption and NT$26.6 million in energy expenditure, while continuing the pursuit of energy saving goals and energy efficiency enhancement.    

 To strengthen energy saving capability in local areas, in particular to create a localized channel for small & medium enterprises (SMEs), the Bureau of Energy collaborated with local colleges/universities to establish 15 Energy Diagnostic Centers (EDC as listed in Appendix 3). For the past four years, a total of 339 EDC staffs have has been trained while serving over 1,000 SMEs, with an estimated saving in electricity of 45.6 million kWh and NT$ 144 million in energy expenditures. To encourage young students in sharpening their technical skills and set role models, outstanding EDC staffs were awarded for their excellence in service.      

 In addition to award ceremony, we also held the seminars, which had some case studies regarding the establishment of energy management system, energy saving measures in SMEs, voluntary energy saving by enterprises, energy saving performance contract, etc. The process of implementing energy saving measures was thoroughly introduced starting from the management phase onto technical applications. With the assistance of professional associations, booths were also set up by 11 ESCOs to share their energy saving experiences in power systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), lighting, system integration, and energy management with real-life examples.    

 Through this award ceremony, the Bureau of Energy hopes that the general public is aware of all the hard work and endeavor in energy saving that have been undertaken by the service sector. Such successful success stories can be passed on through mutual learning to maximize the benefits of energy saving.  

 For more information about energy saving in service sector, please visit https://www.ecct.org.tw.

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Open new window for 2019 Service Sector Energy Saving Year-End Award Ceremony and Seminar(JPG)
Open new window for 2019 Service Sector Energy Saving Year-End Award Ceremony and Seminar(JPG)
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