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What's New

Workshop on the Path to Inclusive Energy Transition in the APEC Region ended with fruitful results, further helped the enhancement of inclusiveness of energy transition in the APEC region
Date: 2019-08-06
A Workshop on the Path to Inclusive Energy Transition in the APEC Region: how to enhance women's empowerment in energy field hosted by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs during 5-6 August at Howard Civil Service International House ended with success. The workshop began with the opening remarks delivered by Ms. Su-Chen Weng, Chief Secretary of Bureau of Energy, along with Mr. Kim, Young-jae, General Director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea, Legislator Chen Man-Li, actively promotes gender equality during the long period, also participated. Representatives from international organizations and APEC member economies gathered together to share experiences and discuss on women's empowerment in the energy field during energy transition in the APEC region. The workshop was participated by more than 80 experts from officials, academia, and industrial circles.

For a long time, the traditional energy sector is one of the least gender diverse sectors. Nevertheless, with APEC's energy intensity reduction and renewable energy doubling goals, energy transition has been launched in APEC, which offers the chance to create new jobs and reshape all aspects of how energy is produced, distributed and consumed, and also brings new potentials for greater gender balance in the energy sector as there is urging need for innovative talents.

In recent years, women's economic participation has been a highlight in APEC's policy. This year, supported by APEC host Chile, "Women, SMEs and Inclusive Growth", as well as "Sustainable Growth" are two of the priorities of APEC 2019. This workshop has responded to both of the priorities, particularly targeting issues such as gender and energy governance, gender and energy efficiency, and gender and renewable energy by means of sharing policy experience of APEC economies, to explore how gender perspective can be incorporated in energy transition and to ensure women's knowledge, skills and views are reflected in the rapid growing sustainable energy industries.

The experts all agreed that, a universal energy goal cannot be achieved without taking into account women's energy viewpoint; therefore, women's perspective should be introduced in the design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation(M&E) of energy policies and programs. Therefore, substantial proofs have shown that supporting women's role in the energy supply chain is beneficial for business, families and community development. Greater participation of women would allow fast-growing sustainable energy sector to draw on untapped female talents.

The result of this workshop will be reported to the APEC Energy Working Group and APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy, and provide references for APEC's further action on enhancing women's empowerment in the energy field.

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