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Place Equal Emphasis on Offshore Wind and Environmental Ecology - MOEA Implements White Dolphin Conservation Measures
Date: 2019-07-17
Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOE, MOEA) emphasizes that marine ecological conservation and offshore wind development are by no means mutually exclusive, and can be a win-win situation. The government has also proposed specific measures: during the planning stage, existing environmentally sensitive area have been avoided, especially the major wildlife habitat of the white dolphins; during the construction stage, underwater acoustic monitoring and dolphin visual investigation will also be carried out, and the best noise control methods such as bubble curtain must be adopted. After the development, the underwater foundation will serve as artificial reefs to enhance restoration of marine ecosystems, and provide food resources for dolphins as well.
The MOEA provides further information as follows:
1.36 potential offshore wind sites have been planned to avoid environmentally sensitive areas such as "Major Wildlife Habitat for Chinese White Dolphins":
The MOEA announced "Directions for Application of Offshore Wind Potential Zones" and 36 zones of potential in July 2015, excluding all existing environmentally sensitive areas, including the "Major Wildlife Habitat for Chinese White Dolphins" pre-announced by the Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture.
2.The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for zonal development requires developers to follow relevant regulations:
(1) The SEA conclusion recommends further expansion of the 1,000 meter buffer zone for the important habitat of the Chinese white dolphins.
(2) Relevant regulations are required during construction to avoid or mitigate the impact of white dolphins as follows:
A.Underwater acoustic monitoring and visual investigation before construction.
B.Fundamental construction should consider drilling method as priority or methods to reducing piling force.
C.Soft start and priority to adoption of the best commercial noise control method (e.g. bubble curtain).
D.Establishing the exclusion zone marked by tolerance degree of maximum underwater noise is recommended.
E.The seed of construction vessels shall be limited by 6 knots, and the navigation channel shall avoid the sensitive area as well.
F.Avoident of acoustic deterrent device (ADD) is recommended until comprehensive case studies are completed.
3.Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requires the developers to commit to the relevant protective measures:
A.During the construction and operation phase, developers should continue to conduct dolphin investigation and intensify the training of dolphin observers. Inviting NGO to participate should be considered.
B.No piling procedures shall be initiated within 2 hours prior to sunset.
4.Enhance marine conservation through sustainable fishery and artificial reefs formed from foundations of offshore wind farms, and to provide sufficient food for white dolphins as well.
MOEA will play equal emphasis on the promotion of offshore wind and environmental protection. The targets of renewable energy development will be achieved on time to create industrial value of the green economy. Developers are also required to implement their EIA commitments to promote marine ecology conservation, so as to realize the vision of environmental sustainability.

Speaker: Chun-Li Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Phone number: 02-2775-7700, 0936-250-838
Email: cllee@moeaboe.gov.tw

Business Contact: Director, Chung-Hsien Chen
Phone number: 02-2775-7770, 0910-998-339
Email: ctchen@moeaboe.gov.tw

Media Contact: Inspector, Yu-Hsuah Hsia
Phone number: 02-2775-7705, 0910-668-295
Email: yhhsia@moeaboe.gov.tw
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