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What's New

Offshore wind auction winners announced! 2 winners with 4 projects will provide 1,664 MW by 2025
Date: 2018-07-26
Offshore wind auction winners are officially announced! 2 winners with 4 projects will provide 1,664 MW by 2025, and the winning prices range from 2.2245 to 2.5481 NTD/kWh. The winners are:
1.Hailong 2: 232 MW awarded with 2.2245 NTD/kWh
2.Hailong 3: 512 MW awarded with 2.5025 NTD/kWh
3.Greater Changhua SW: 337.1 MW awarded with 2.5480 NTD/kWh
4.Greater Changhua NW: 582.9 MW awarded with 2.5481 NTD/kWh

MOEA completed the Auction Process on 22nd June 2018 with the participation of all bidding applicants, where 7 developers with 12 projects compete for 1,664 MW of grid capacity. The developers placed their bids with an independent evaluation of the development of technology, infrastructure and cost trend. The Auction Winners must commission the offshore wind farms according to the bidding price and committed schedule.

MOEA mentioned that the Selection process has been completed and the results were announced on 30th April 2018. The Selection Winners should provide practical action plans of localization for review by IDB within designated deadlines. In addition to the generation of clean electricity, this will also promote the transformation of domestic manufacture and service industries, and will thrust the development of local supply chains of energy for more output value and job opportunities, as well as economic growth. Followed by the Auction process, energy supply can be further boosted on the basis of industry development established by the Selection process, while relieving the financial burden of the government.

MOEA added that all of the 5.5 GW grid capacity for 2025 goal has been allocated to specific developers and timelines. MOEA will then cooperate with the developers to accelerate the administration processes and infrastructure construction in order to reach the intended target on time. Taiwan will be forged into the industrial cluster of offshore wind technology in Asia.

After aggressively promoting the development of offshore wind, MOEA has successfully erected the milestone with the model case of the first demonstration turbines. Then MOEA promotes the development of "Zones of Potential" under the schemes of Selection and Auction, achieving a balance between the promotion of renewable energy and the burden of the national finance. With 5.5 GW of offshore wind farms to be commissioned by 2025, it is estimated that 962.5 billion NTD of investment and 20 thousand job opportunities can be stimulated, as well as to reduce carbon emission by 10.47 million tons annually, equivalent to the same capacity of 26,926 Da-an Forest Parks. This will further enhance the prospects of energy security, green economy and sustainable environment.

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