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Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.


MOEABOE Idustrial Energy Technology Program Application

This program is to subsidize and encourage domestic enterprises to develop innovative applications and related services of energy technologies, facilitate specialization and integration of the energy industries, and enhance research and development of energy technologies in Taiwan.

 Eligibility for Application: 
1.Domestic companies lawfully registered under Company Act in Taiwan
2.The company is non-dishonored bank accounts, and holds positive net value

 Scope of Subsidy: 
1.Development, demonstration, and verification of frontier technologies, innovative applications, key technologies, value-added products or technologies, as well as system integration in the energy industries
2.The key technologies surpass the domestic technical standards, and can drive the development of products (materials, components, and equipment) and industries in Taiwan

 Application Procedure: 
1.Application Method: Apply, and submit the electronic project proposal and other documents online. Upon submission, print out the designated application documents from the system. Please affix both the seals of the applicant company and the person in charge of the company on the printed application documents and correct copies of other required documents. Mail the above documents to Management Office of Industrial Energy Technology Program, Corporate Synergy Development Center.
2.Application URL: https://etp.csd.org.tw
3.Required Application Materials:
(1)The application form, the applicant company information form, a recusal stakeholder list to avoid conflict of interests, and the consent form for inquiry of applicant company’s financial credit records: 2 copies of each
(2)The project proposal, bound as paperback book: 3 copies
(3)The latest 3-year Taiwanese accountant-verified original audit report of the applicant company: 1 copy

 Application Period: 
Year-round, on a rolling basis

Update: 2019-12-24
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