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Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.



In order to take action to implement energy conservation and GHG reduction policies to meet the guidelines on sustainable energy policies, which set up the goal that by 2011 the energy efficiency of each category of electrical equipment to be improved by 10% to 70%, and by 2015, the standards of energy efficiency will be further advanced and energy efficiency will be improved. In the meantime, to comply with the targets set by the Committee on Energy Conservation and GHGs Emission Reduction, which set energy intensity reducing by 2% per annum from now, and energy intensity is expected to reduce by 20% until 2015, further reduce by 50% in 2025 with technological breakthrough and administrative measures. This project will stipulate and revise the energy consumption standards of equipment or appliances by following the 14th item of the Amendment of the Energy Management Act. The 14th item of the act requests designated energy equipment and appliances to conform to the energy consumption regulations permitted by the central authorities, and to label the energy consumption and efficiency. In addition, the promotion of mandatory energy efficiency grading system and the augment of the sales marketing for energy saving products have been emphasized in the authorized instruction of the Minister of the Economic Affairs of promoting high energy efficient products and energy saving measures. Thus, in accordance with the instruction of the Minister and the Program of Practicing the Resolution of the 2005 National Energy Council, this project will continuously strengthen the promotion on the Energy Conservation Label to encourage industries to produce high energy efficiency products and guide consumers for preferential purchases on those products. This project will also perform the mandatory energy efficiency labeling system. By establishing legal regulations, the national energy efficiency management system of the energy equipment and appliances will become a sound one. By enhancing domestic manufacturers’ capability through the energy conservation technology development and coaching, will create the business opportunities for high energy efficiency products, and assist the government to achieve the goal of energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction.

Update: 2020-10-23
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