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Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.



General Introduction of EWG

EWG Structure

The Energy Working Group (EWG) is a voluntary, regionally-based forum operating under the APEC umbrella with participation by all 21 APEC economies. Launched in 1990, the EWG meets formally twice a year to discuss developments and progress on energy policy issues, helping further APEC goals to facilitate energy-related-trade and investment and seeks to maximize the energy sector’s contribution to the region’s economic and social well-being, while mitigating the environmental effects of energy supply and use.

EWG’s work is supported by five pillars, that are enhancing energy security, advancing energy efficiency and sustainable community, promoting clean energy, strengthening energy resiliency and energy access, and promoting energy trade and investment. There are four subsidiary expert groups under EWG to promote substantial cooperation to support the aforementioned work streams, in addition to two task forces (Low Carbon Model Town Task Forces and Energy Resiliency Task Forces) and research centres (APERC and APSEC).

Update: 2021-03-19
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