APEC Energy Initiatives proposed by Taiwan and endorsed by APEC Energy Ministers’ Meeting

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Year Initiative Endorsement
2004 APEC Earthquake Response Cooperation Initiative EMM5 Declaration (2002), EMM6 Declaration (2004)
2004 APEC Energy Standards and Labeling Cooperation Initiative EMM6 Declaration (2004), EMM7 Declaration (2005)
2005 APEC LNG Public Education and Communication Information Sharing Initiative EMM7 Declaration and AMM Declaration (2005)
2009 Capacity Building of Market Development of Green Energy Products Initiative EMM9 Declaration (2010)
2011 APEC Nuclear Safety and Nuclear Disaster Prevention Initiative AMM Declaration (2011), EMM10 Declaration (2012)
2012 Knowledge Sharing Platform of APEC Energy Smart Communities Initiative (ESCI) EMM11 Declaration (2014), EMM12 Declaration and AMM Declaration (2015)
2014 APEC Regional LNG Trade Facilitation Initiative EMM11 Declaration and AMM Declaration (2014), EMM12 Declaration and AMM Declaration (2015)
2015 APEC Green Energy Finance Initiative EMM12 Declaration (2015)

Update: 2023-05-31
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