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2020 Vehicle Fuel Economy Guide and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Ranking Released
Date: 2021-06-04
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With rising environmental awareness in recent years, fuel efficiency has become an important factor when purchasing a vehicle. Therefore, Bureau of Energy (BOE) collected and ranked fuel efficiencies of various car models sold in 2020 for reference. Toyota PRIUS HYBRID, Ford KUGA TDCI TURBO and Honda MSX125SF, have been ranked the top passenger car, commercial vehicle, and motorcycle, respectively.

According to the ranking of passenger cars, Toyota PRIUS Hybrid 1,798c.c. CVT 5D (hybrid) imported by Hotai Company has the best performance of 26.7 kilometers per liter; as for commercial vehicles, KUGA TDCI TURBO C520-7T 1,997c.c. A6 5D (diesel) manufactured by Ford Lio Ho Motor Company has the best performance of 17.8 kilometers per liter. Moreover, motorcycles are ranked based on the results of the "Fuel Economy Testing Methods and Procedures for Motorcycles" and Honda MSX125SF 125c.c. M4 imported by ADIVA Company has the best fuel efficiency of 83.4 kilometers per liter (as attached).

The BOE also emphasizes that all the published fuel efficiencies are obtained under specific testing conditions. Different weather and road conditions, traffic jam, usage of air conditioning and even the driving habits of drivers could all alter fuel consumption results, and real fuel efficiencies are usually lower than the values listed in the
"Fuel Economy Guide".

To achieve the goals of saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions, it is essential to purchase vehicles with ideal fuel efficiencies. It is also important to observe proper driving habits and carry out routine maintenance of vehicles, such as reducing the load of vehicle, avoiding sudden acceleration and deceleration, maintaining proper tire pressure and avoiding extended period of idling.

The "Fuel Economy Guide" is available on BOE's website (https://www.moeaboe.gov.tw/), and welcome to download it. For fuel consumptions of specific models, please visit "Auto Energy Website" (https://auto.itri.org.tw/) and click on "Interactive Inquiry".

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2020 Vehicle Fuel Economy Guide and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Ranking Released
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