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Transforming Kaohsiung into Pivotal Offshore Wind Power Talent Incubation Hub: Completion and Opening Ceremony of the Maritime Technology Innovation Center
Date: 2021-04-06
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Taiwan government has launched the 2025 energy transition policy. The targets of this policy include developing 5.7 GW installed capacity of offshore wind power by 2025 and achieving the localization of offshore wind energy industry. Furthermore, the government has also launched an offshore wind power talent incubation program to incubate highly skilled local talents and create local green-collar jobs. Today (January 11) marks the completion and inauguration of the Maritime Technology Innovation Center (MTIC), which will shape Kaohsiung City into a pivotal talent incubation hub of offshore wind power. It will also invest in the innovation of maritime technology industry in the mid to long term.

The Bureau of Energy (BOE), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), explained that the Marine Technology Training Center in the MTIC is collaborating with world-renowned training provider, Maersk Training, to offer various training courses accredited by the Global Wind Organization (GWO) for offshore wind power. The training staff at the center consists of 8 GWO-certified professional instructors, offering 10 professional courses and 16 GWO modules, including Basic Safety Training (BST), Basic Technical Training (BTT), Advanced Rescue Training (ART), Enhanced First Aid (EFA), and Blade repair (BP). The MTIC is a global maritime technology talent incubation center, providing comprehensive offshore wind power training services. Moreover, it provides reputable companies at home and abroad (such as Siemens and Orsted) with customized courses and internship opportunities. It is expected to become a pivotal talent incubation hub for offshore wind power in the Asia-Pacific region.

The BOE pointed out that the Marine Technology Development Division at the MTIC will attract domestic and international corporations in the industry to invest in the development of underwater vehicles, marine anti-corrosion technology, marine bio-resources, and O&M techniques. The MTIC will set up technology development tests related to offshore wind power to drive the development of the maritime technology industry in southern Taiwan. Additionally, the MTIC will further tap into the global supply chain and global market to enhance the manufacturing capacity and added value of our green energy industry, accelerating Taiwan's development into "Asian Green Energy Development Hub".

The BOE also added that the MTIC, which was originally planned to be established at Xingda Harbor in Kaohsiung, is a forward-looking green energy infrastructure project approved by the Executive Yuan in 2017, planned by the BOE, and implemented by the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC). The Forward-Looking Program has successfully introduced top global teams, such as Maersk Training and MARIN, to the MTIC. Today, the MTIC was officially inaugurated, and the ceremony was attended by Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-Hua and Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-Mai. It will form an industrial corridor with the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City Office in Tainan, facilitating the development of green energy in southern Taiwan.

Finally, the MOEA explained that under the energy transition policy, the MOEA will strive to achieve the target of 5.7 GW installed capacity of offshore wind power by 2025, and is dedicated to industrial transformation. It is estimated that offshore wind power will generate NT$1 trillion in investments, NT$1.2 trillion in output value, and 20,000 job opportunities. This is a significant milestone in the development of Taiwan's energy transition.

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