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Central Government Agencies Conduct Comprehensive Inventory on Potential Sites to Drive Rooftop-type Solar PV Promotion
Date: 2021-01-04
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Regarding the recent feedbacks from several environmental groups on solar PV policy improvement, in which they specifically urged the government to enhance the promotion of rooftop-type solar PV installations, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) makes the following clarification:

Rooftop-type solar PV installation is the priority of our policy. Currently, the total capacity of solar PV on public rooftops has reached 0.7GW, and Vice-Premier, Executive Yuan, requests public agencies and state-owned enterprises to conduct a thorough inventory on more potential public spaces for solar PV deployment, such as agricultural and fishery facilities, facilities in industrial zones, dormitories and parking lots, in order to drive solar PV expansion.  

As of September 2020, the total capacity of rooftop-type solar PV has reached 3.88GW; industrial rooftops account for the largest share at 1.36GW, followed by agricultural and fishery facilities at 1.18GW, public buildings at 0.7GW and the private sector at 0.64GW. This shows that the government has proactively and comprehensively installed rooftop-type solar PV systems in both the public and private sectors, and has not been doing so passively as claimed by the environmental groups.  

To further promote rooftop-type solar PV installation, all related government departments and agencies are currently conducting an inventory on rooftop spaces to identify more potential sites for an additional 88MW, and under the classroom air conditioners project, a total capacity of 272 MW of solar PV are being installed on the roofs of public schools, thus adding another 0.3 GW of rooftop-type solar PV.  

At the same time, the government has established a coordination mechanism led by Vice-Premier, Executive Yuan, who conducts performance review weekly and has instructed all public agencies to conduct a nation-wide inventory on potential sites of rooftop-type solar PV installation. For example, MOEA aims to increase more than 1GW of solar PV targeting industrial zones in the northern, central and southern Taiwan. Ministry of National Defense explores the spaces of military dormitories with low-level sensitivity; Council of Agriculture looks for indoor spaces of aquaculture, and agricultural facilities; Ministry of Transportation and Communication searches among port areas and municipal parking facilities. Taipower has also been instructed to timely establish feeder dispatch and grid-connection facilities for all potential sites mentioned above.

MOEA stresses that rooftop-type solar PV installation has always been the priority and currently we are seeing some promising results. Led by the Vice-Primer, all government agencies continue to conduct nation-wide inventory on potential rooftops for the installation of solar PV system, expanding the promotion of rooftop-type solar PV. The government looks forward for institutions and organizations that are concerned with energy transition and green energy development to cooperate with government agencies and jointly promote rooftop-type solar PV installation, helping Taiwan to achieve its 2025 target of 20GW total installed solar PV, and a new milestone in energy transition.

Spokesperson: Deputy Director-General Lee Chun-Li, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Phone Number: 02-2775-7700  
Mobile: 0936-250-838
Email: chunlee@moea.gov.tw

Business Contact: Director, Wen-Hsin Lin
Telephone: 02-2775-7716  
Mobile: 0912-578-534
E-mail: whlin@moea.gov.tw

Media Contact: Section Chief, Yu-Hsuah Hsia
Phone Number: 02-2775-7705
Mobile: 0910-668-295
E-mail: yhhsia@moea.gov.tw
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