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Energy Saving Leadership Award 2020 44 Winners Announced
Date: 2020-12-01
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To select companies, institutions and schools that are committed to energy conservation, Ministry of Economy Affairs (MOEA) held final review meeting of 2020 "Energy Saving Leadership Award and Energy Education Promotion Award" on October 21st, 2020. A total of 44 winners were chosen. According to the Bureau of Energy (BOE), all the winners this year had combined to conserve an estimated 29.2 thousand kiloliters of oil equivalence, save 555 million NTDs and reduce 129.7 thousand tons of carbon emissions (equivalent to 333 Daan Forest Parks' annual amount of carbon absorption), achieving outstanding results.

BOE pointed out that 44 winners were chosen from 90 manufacturers and 32 national primary and junior high schools after rigorous preliminary selection and review processes. In the future, the award winners will share successful energy conservation experiences and promote related technology.

China Steel Corporation (CSC) won the gold medal this year, cooperating with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop the first 200kW low-temperature heat recovery ORC power generation system in the domestic steel industry for efficient energy consumption. It is estimated to generate about 1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. Shifting yearly maintenance time to summer and shifting manufacturing time to off-peak period also showed significant energy saving results.

LDC Hotels & Resorts TAOYUAN (CHATEAU DE CHINE TAOYUAN) also won the gold medal. The company introduced energy management system to save power by turning off water chiller from 12:00 to 15:00 p.m. Furthermore, intelligent voice control system was also introduced to all guest rooms for lights, TV, curtain and air conditioner. The various power-saving measures adopted have made LDC Hotels & Resorts Taoyuan the leader of smart energy conservation in the hotel industry.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the first college in Taiwan to pass the ISO50001 certification, also won the gold medal. The school tracks energy consumption through a smart energy management system and improves the lighting illuminance to provide students a better environment.

As for energy education, the award-winning schools in each district have own distinctive quality. For example, Wanfang Elementary School in Taipei City installed an energy management system to implement smart energy-saving management and enhance power efficiency; Beidou Junior High School in Changhua County set up the largest solar photovoltaic system.
Xiaolin Elementary School in Kaohsiung City built a smart carbon-neutral campus and incorporated AR and VR experiences for energy education; The Elementary Division of Tzu Chi Senior High School Affiliated with Tzu Chi University in Hualien County promoted the value of energy conservation with the concept of local circular economy and gathered other schools and tribal villages to share energy conservation experiences.

According to BOE, the spirit of Energy Saving Leadership Award is to pass down the paradigm and share the successful experience of energy-saving through award winners. This award encourages all sectors to invest in energy conservation and build Taiwan into a low-carbon island, creating a triple-win situation for environment, society and economy.

For more information about the series of activities and cases, please visit "Energypark" at https://www.energypark.org.tw/.

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