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Correct Understanding of Energy by All People and Joint Participation in Energy Transition
Date: 2019-07-22
The news reports on recent polls indicated the lack of energy related knowledge among our nationals, and the concerns over power shortage and the increased air pollution due to energy transition and aggressive energy policies. MOEA pointed out that our government's energy transition policies ensure stable power supply and improve air quality, and all projects have been implemented according to the results of the referendum. MOEA will continue to enhance policy communication such that all our nationals can correctly understand the energy situation in our country and jointly participate in the energy transition.

MOEA pointed out that the energy transition policy is heading towards the cleaner energy development directions of reduction of coal, increase of natural gas, development of green energy, and elimination of nuclear power. Complete paths have been planned to achieve the diversified objectives of sufficient power supply, low carbon emission, and low air pollution. And it is again clarified that various projects have been implemented according to the results of the referendum. As for the nuclear power generation, MOEA did examine the feasibilities of nuclear power license renewal or reactivation of Nuclear Power Plant No.4. The objective facts of the evaluation results have denied such feasibilities. Without any support from local government and any proper storage of nuclear waste, the license renewal or reactivation will be almost impossible.

MOEA pointed out that the recent poll indicating that people have misunderstood nuclear energy as the main force of power generation in our country. One possible reason is that, due to disputes over nuclear power for the past few decades, the positive and negative information has been continuing spread in the media and social network such that the general public misunderstood the proportion of nuclear power in the entire power generation structure. The fact is that nuclear power only accounted up to 10% of Taiwan's total power generation in in 2018. The safe operation of existing nuclear power plants within the license period is based on the existing schedule. MOEA has developed a complete power development plan to ensure the stable power supply after successive decommissioning of existing nuclear power plants.

MOEA indicated that the coal reduction policy has made it clear that there is no plan for any expansion of any coal-fired generator before 2025, and existing coal-fired generators will be replaced by gas-fired generators after decommissioning. Taiwan Power Company will invest around NTD 62.229 billion to install or renew pollution control equipment and change outdoor coal storage domes to indoor coal storage domes as air pollution prevention improvement measures. With the change of power generators and the air pollution improvement of various power plants, the total air pollution emission by the entire electricity industry in 2025 can be reduced by 45% as compared to 2017.

MOEA emphasized that the domestic power supply has been greatly improved after three years of hard work and power shortage will not happen. The power supply indicator announced every day by Taiwan Power Company has never turned orange since June, 2018. MOEA has thoroughly considered the power demands of domestic livelihood and industrial development, and it will strictly control the progress of various projects to keep 15 percent reserve margin and 10 percent operating reserve to ensure sufficient power supply in Taiwan.

MOEA pointed out that the necessary prerequisite of promotion of energy policy is to allow all people to correctly understand the energy situations in our country and advantages and limitations of various energy developments; in recent years the expansion of citizen participation and civil collaboration have been the fundamentals for promotion of energy transition. In addition to the continuation of energy education in school, and enhancement of people's energy awareness via innovative advocacy methods such as board game, in the future the policy communication will also be enhanced, and people's participation in energy policy discussion will be expanded to become the driving force behind the transition project.

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